Sporty Recipes for the Start of the AFL Season

As the AFL season kicks off, it’s not just about cheering on your favourite team – it’s also a great opportunity to take inspiration and up your fitness game, adding nourishing and nutritious recipes to your diet.  

Whether you play footy or prefer to cheer on from the sidelines, we have a variety of healthy recipes that will ace the taste test and fuel your AFL season. 

From energising snacks to replenishing meals, we’ve got a line-up of dishes that will surely satisfy your game-day and post-workout cravings. Let’s dive in!

Maple breakfast tacos

Gear up for game day with these delicious breakfast tacos, complete with their own maple and green chilli sauce. 

To make the sauce, you simply need to blend the ingredients, heat the mixture in a saucepan and add the maple syrup before bringing it to a simmer.

Combined with the tomato relish, the green chilli sauce adds incredible depth of flavour to the pan-fried egg tacos. 

Striking a great balance between sweet and spicy, these breakfast tacos will satisfy your morning cravings while keeping energy levels high throughout the day.

Maple salmon poke bowls

A quick and easy meal to make for the family this AFL season — all while keeping it healthy — are these colourful and nutritious salmon poke bowls. 

The sweet and spicy sauce, made with maple syrup, soy sauce and hoisin sauce, really brings everything together, giving the fresh salmon a real kick.

Once marinated with the sauce, the salmon is joined by jasmine rice and an array of fruits and veggies for vitamins, minerals, and extra goodness. 

The poke bowl takes no longer than 40 minutes to prepare, making it an excellent no-fuss lunch or dinner with plenty of nutritional benefits.

BBQ whole snapper with maple dressing

This mouth-watering BBQ snapper with a maple, lemongrass, and chilli dressing is as good as it looks — if not, better.  

Once the fish is grilled and the skin is crispy, it’s covered in the sweet, spicy and aromatic dressing. 

Fresh coriander, sliced red chilli, crispy fried onions and zesty lime wedges provide the finishing touches before serving. 

Stunning and substantial, this BBQ whole snapper is guaranteed to be the star of any AFL barbecue get-together.

Maple-roasted pumpkin salad

The maple-roasted pumpkin salad, topped with a vegan cashew dressing, celebrates the AFL season and the beginning of Autumn all in one dish. 

Drizzle the creamy cashew dressing packed with roasted garlic, tangy mustard and pure maple syrup over the roasted pumpkin slices and savour the rich flavour. 

Then, sprinkle fresh mint, crumbly feta cheese and warm and nutty roasted cashews over the top to make a nourishing and fulfilling dish. 

We’ve added feta, but to keep the salad minimal or to opt for a vegan dish, you can easily replace this one with a vegan alternative or simply go without!

Pan-fried maple salmon

A dish that effortlessly combines sweet and savoury flavours is our pan-fried maple salmon 

The maple glaze, made with maple syrup, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger and a touch of red chilli, infuses the salmon fillets for a mouthwatering blend of sweetness and spice! 

Packed with protein and high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the salmon fillets are infused with the maple glaze for up to an hour to allow the rich flavours to take over the fish.  

Once marinated, the salmon is seared skin-side down until crispy then garnished with a squeeze of lime and fresh coriander for a burst of citrusy fresh flavour.

Get set for the AFL!

With these maple syrup recipes, you’ll have a mix of healthy and delicious dishes to choose from and share with your family and friends for the AFL season. Go team!  

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Did you know?

Pure Canadian maple syrup is 100% vegan

Pure Canadian maple syrup is 100% natural, so is completely vegan! Packed with vitamins and minerals, maple syrup is an ideal replacement for honey, as well as some refined sugars and artificial sweeteners due to its additional health benefits. 

Maple is a natural sugar containing vitamins and minerals

Pure Canadian maple syrup is a natural product, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. But did you know it’s also a source of the minerals manganese and riboflavin?

Maple syrup can be used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes

Pure Canadian maple syrup can add rich and sweet flavours to almost any meal, with breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes all benefitting from the addition of this natural sweetener.

A Source of Natural Energy

Maple syrup is a natural source of energy. Check out how maple can act as fuel before, during, and after exercise.