Maple Flakes

Maple flakes are made by freeze-drying maple syrup and are an excellent addition to cocktails and baked treats.

Add Some Crunch!

Incredible flakes made from maple brighten the taste of cocktails, meats, vegetables, and desserts. And why not use them to refresh your breadcrumbs and spice mixtures.

Primarily a finishing ingredient, maple flakes can be used for more than just desserts. The product’s flavourful versatility has seen maple flakes being added to sweet-salty preparations, and they have also become a popular combination with panko breadcrumbs at a 3:1 ratio. Mixologists are frosting glasses with maple flakes, and they are of course perfect in desserts, such as the caramelised finish on a crème brûlée.

Discover More Maple products

Maple Sugar

Maple sugar from Québec can come in the texture of sugar, icing sugar, or fruit sugar. Its distinctive yet delicate flavour goes well in both sweet and savoury preparations as it does in coffee and tea.

Maple Taffy

Maple taffy is made by boiling maple syrup to concentrate it. During sugaring season the hot taffy is poured over snow to cool it and voilà! It’s ready to eat!

Speciality Products

Vinaigrettes, vinegars, mustards and jellies are just a few of the specialty products made even more delicious with maple syrup. For sweet and savoury applications alike.

Hundreds of Delicious Recipes

Maple is a special addition to any recipe, from appetiser to dessert. Find one that’s perfect for you!