Maple Flakes

Maple flakes are made by freeze-drying maple syrup and are an excellent addition to cocktails and baked treats.


Blending the rich flavour of maple with a crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth texture, maple flakes are one of several speciality products that offer new ways to enjoy the sweet taste of maple. 

But how are maple flakes made? And what dishes are they best paired with? Find out how to incorporate maple flakes into your cooking and baking below!

What are maple flakes?

Maple flakes are small, sweet-tasting flakes, made by freeze-drying maple syrup to remove its water content. They’re generally sprinkled over desserts but can also be used with drinks and savoury dishes for added crunch and extra sweetness. 

Maple flakes have a crispy texture but dissolve when added to drinks. As an entirely natural product, they serve as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to refined sugars in baking recipes and as a sweetener for hot drinks.

How are maple flakes made?

Maple flakes are made from a unique freeze-drying process that subjects maple syrup to extremely low temperatures, removing the water content while preserving its distinctively sweet taste to form light, crispy flakes. 

Maple flakes are typically made using the lighter grades of maple syrup harvested at the start of the tapping season. As with other maple products from Quebec, the product is made entirely from maple tree sap, meaning maple flakes are suitable for vegans. 

Learn more about the maple production process below.

How to use maple flakes

While maple flakes are mainly used as a finishing ingredient, they can also be used in baking, cocktails and spice mixes. They’re ideal for sprinkling over salads, yoghurt and oatmeal and are a popular alternative to refined sugars for sweetening hot drinks. 

Some chefs are experimenting by mixing maple flakes with panko breadcrumbs, with the product adding its signature sweetness to coatings for poultry and vegetables. Elsewhere, mixologists have been frosting cocktail glasses with maple flakes. 

Looking for more ways to incorporate maple into your cooking and baking? Check out our huge range of recipes with maple syrup for inspiration! 

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