QMSP and Maple from Canada Australia

Maple from Canada Australia is the official Aussie brand for Québec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP), an organisation representing over 13,300 maple syrup producers who produce around 72% of the world’s maple syrup! 

Founded in 1966, QMSP works to regulate prices, ensure product quality and negotiate fair trade deals, as well as promote maple syrup – a revered emblem of Canadian culture – on the international stage. 

Around the world, maple products sourced from the forests of Québec have built a reputation for excellence, being made from an entirely natural process within a framework of sustainable development. 

Now exporting to Australia, Aussies simply need to look out for the ‘pure Canadian maple syrup’ label in stores and online to get their taste of maple magic! 

The natural choice

Each year in Canada, deep in the forests of Québec, a remarkable natural event takes place as the sap stored in maple trees begins to thaw. 

As winter rolls into spring, the sugary sap is pushed out to the trunks and branches, where it can be extracted (or ‘tapped’), ready for making into maple syrup. 

Across Québec, thousands of producers collect the sap and boil the liquid to make pure maple syrup, a completely natural sweetener that doesn’t feature any additives. 

With its unique taste and versatile range of uses, pure Canadian maple syrup brings the flavour of the Great White North to the Southern Hemisphere.

Much more than just syrup

You’ve heard of maple syrup, but did you know there’s a whole host of other products derived from the sugary sap found in maple trees?

From buttery spread to granulated sugar, there are so many ways to enjoy the culinary richness of maple. 

Maple sugar – used as a direct replacement for granulated sugar, icing sugar or fruit sugar. It’s perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes as well as adding to tea or coffee. 

Maple spread – a creamy spread produced by boiling, cooling then stirring maple sap. It’s great in desserts, on pancakes and spread over French toast. It doesn’t contain any dairy, so is 100% vegan. 

Maple flakes – made by freeze-drying maple syrup, maple flakes are great for adding to spice mixes, sprinkling over barbecued meats and even using as a finishing ingredient for cocktails. 

Maple taffy – made by boiling maple syrup and then cooling it down rapidly to produce a toffee-like consistency. In Québec, they traditionally make this outside, directly on fresh snow!

Rich in history

The historical record suggests maple syrup was first discovered by Europeans sometime between 1536 and 1542, though it’s believed Native Americans were tapping maple trees for their sap even earlier. 

After stumbling across a strange-looking tree, French explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew decided to cut it down, only to find a large quantity of sweet-tasting water squirting out from the wood. 

It was soon discovered that boiling the maple sap reduces its water content, forming the thick consistency of a syrup with a more pronounced and delicious flavour. 

Throughout the years, new maple products have been developed and more modern technologies introduced, helping the industry to grow on a global scale.

The grading system

Did you know that pure Canadian maple syrup comes in four different grades, with each possessing its own unique colour and flavour?

The four grades – golden, amber, dark and very dark – are harvested at different points of the sugaring season that takes place during spring.

Throughout the spring harvest, antimicrobial activity within the maple sap increases, causing the colour to darken and the flavour to intensify.

Due to the differences in flavour, each grade lends itself to its own set of uses, with the lighter grades great for drizzling and the darker grades better suited to sauces, marinades and batters.

Full of surprising benefits

As a natural ingredient that’s free from artificial additives, maple syrup possesses a unique nutritional profile that stands up well compared to many other sweeteners. 

Not only is maple syrup completely vegan and gluten-free, but it also contains several essential nutrients and serves as a great source of energy for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. 

The natural sweetener is a source of manganese and riboflavin, with research suggesting that it is better for cardiometabolic health than refined sugars. 

What’s more, the production of maple syrup has a positive impact on the environment, as maple forests capture and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Unrivalled versatility

Much more than a finishing ingredient for drizzling over pancakes, maple syrup makes for a great addition to everything from desserts and main dishes to sauces, glazes and marinades. 

Its complex flavours are expressed in subtle accents of caramel, berries and wood, resulting in a unique sweetness and aroma that can be used to enhance a wide range of dishes. 

In savoury preparations, maple syrup can be mixed into sauces and glazes, adding a touch of natural sweetness to complement other types of taste and add depth of flavour. 

With desserts, maple is a great substitute for refined sugars and can be added directly to doughs and batters, lending its distinctive flavour to your favourite cakes and bakes.

Did you know?

Pure Canadian maple syrup is 100% vegan

Pure Canadian maple syrup is 100% natural, so is completely vegan! Packed with vitamins and minerals, maple syrup is an ideal replacement for honey, as well as some refined sugars and artificial sweeteners due to its additional health benefits. 

Maple is a natural sugar containing vitamins and minerals

Pure Canadian maple syrup is a natural product, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. But did you know it’s also a source of the minerals manganese and riboflavin?

Maple syrup can be used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury dishes

Pure Canadian maple syrup can add rich and sweet flavours to almost any meal, with breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes all benefitting from the addition of this natural sweetener.

Hundreds of Delicious Recipes

Maple is a special addition to any recipe, from appetiser to dessert. Find one that’s perfect for you!