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With its rich taste and sticky consistency, pure Canadian maple syrup is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used to enhance sweet and savoury dishes, drinks and more. 

From chefs and bakers to brewers and ice cream makers, specialists across the culinary world are using maple with passion, reinventing family favourites, traditional recipes and iconic dishes.  

Are you looking to learn more about the gastronomic qualities of maple and find out how it can be used to enrich your cooking? You’re in the right place!

A unique flavour

What distinguishes pure maple syrup from other sweeteners is its naturally rich and complex flavour. While the taste can be hard to put into words, maple is often described as having subtle accents of toffee, caramel and vanilla. 

One of the main reasons behind maple’s versatility is that its flavour varies depending on when in the tapping season the sap is harvested. There are four maple syrup grades, with the lighter ones having a subtler taste and the darker grades offering a more full-bodied flavour. 

Each grade lends itself to a different set of uses. The delicate taste of the golden grade, for example, is great for drizzling directly over desserts or mixing into hot drinks, while the robust flavour of the dark grade is best for stirring into soups, adding to doughs or marinating meat and veggies.

Learn more about maple’s unique flavour profiles below.

Much more than just syrup

Maple syrup may be the most popular product derived from maple sap, but there are so many more options for those who enjoy the sweetener’s distinctive flavour, extending the uses of this already versatile ingredient. 

A natural substitute to refined sugars that can be used in equal quantities, maple sugar is great for mixing into classic bakes like cakes, cookies and meringues. Maple can also be enjoyed in the form of maple spread, ideal for smearing over French toast or mixing into a glaze. 

And it doesn’t stop there – maple flakes are often used to rim cocktail glasses and can also be added to spice mixes for a subtle hint of sweetness. Among the many maple speciality products that are still being developed, there are even maple wines, vinegars, jellies and mustards!

Learn more about the different maple products below.

A completely natural sweetener

Unlike many other sweeteners, pure maple syrup is a completely natural and vegan-friendly ingredient. Maple syrup, produced in Canadian regions such as Quebec, is derived entirely from a single product – maple tree sap – ensuring the very best quality and flavour. 

Being a natural product, maple syrup also contains a wide range of nutrients, and is considered a good source of riboflavin and manganese. Owing to its higher concentration of nutrients, the product has been found to offer greater health benefits than refined sugars.

And because it is free from other ingredients and artificial additives, pure maple syrup can be enjoyed by people with many different dietary requirements, be it a low-FODMAP, gluten-free or vegan-friendly diet. 

Learn more about the maple production process below.

Cooking with maple syrup

When it comes to savoury dishes, maple syrup is great for creating balance and adding a subtle touch of natural sweetness. The ingredient is often mixed into sauces, glazes and marinades, developing the flavour while also helping to thicken the consistency. 

In some cases, maple can be used in isolation as a glaze for foods like carrots, parsnips and bacon. For added depth of flavour, the sweetener is often combined with other ingredients like soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, chilli and red wine, to name a few. 

Elsewhere, maple syrup is often mixed with oils and vinegars to form delicious salad dressings with a subtle hint of sweetness. When used together with a pickling vinegar, it can also be used to pickle vegetables like cucumber, red onion and red cabbage.

Baking with maple syrup

Maple syrup isn’t just for drizzling on desserts; its distinctive sweetness can also be used to enrich the batters and doughs of classic bakes like cookies, cakes and brownies by replacing the refined sugar and mixing with the wet ingredients. 

From pancakes and profiteroles to cheesecakes and sponge puddings, the versatility of maple syrup in baking is virtually endless. The natural sweetener’s rich, caramel-like taste is perfect for desserts, adding a touch of indulgence to sweet preparations. 

Maple sugar is also popular among bakers and pastry chefs, as it too can be used as a like-for-like substitute for sugar when preparing doughs and batters.

A one-of-a-kind ingredient

Whether used as a glazing ingredient for roasted vegetables, mixed into the marinade for a joint of meat or added to the dough of a dessert, maple syrup leaves its mark on any dish with its distinctively sweet flavour. 

Ready to find out how you can put your maple syrup to use? Make sure to check out our vast range of maple syrup recipes, offering something for every taste and occasion!

More about Maple

Maple syrup comes in four grades

The classification of maple syrup is based on its colour – which changes subtly throughout the spring harvest – and its flavour profile.

Maple syrup is an excellent source of energy

Maple products contain simple carbohydrates that turn into glucose and act as fuel during exercise, which is why they are a popular choice for athletes and fitness fanatics before, during, and after training sessions.

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Pure Canadian maple products are stocked all across Australia

From online suppliers to your local stores, find your local stockist of pure Canadian maple syrup here.

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