Maple Spread

Maple spread is a buttery-textured spread produced through skilfully cooking, cooling and stirring maple sap. It’s great on desserts, pancakes and French toast – and doesn’t contain butter or dairy.


If you enjoy the taste of maple syrup, you’re certain to love maple spread! 

Made with nothing but pure maple syrup, this unique product brings the distinctive maple flavour to the buttery texture of a spread. 

But what does maple spread taste like? How exactly is it made? And how can it be used in your culinary creations? Find the answers to all these questions and more below! 

What is maple spread?

Maple spread (also known as maple butter and maple cream) is a velvety-smooth spread with a deliciously sweet flavour. It’s made by boiling, cooling and stirring maple syrup as part of a process that is entirely free from artificial additives. 

Rich and creamy, maple spread is distinguished from many other spreads in that it doesn’t contain dairy. For this reason, it serves as an excellent vegan-friendly alternative to other sweet spreads like chocolate spread.

How is maple spread made? 

Maple spread is made by boiling maple syrup to a temperature of around 112°C, before cooling the liquid and whipping it so that the syrup crystallises, then whisking it until it reaches the creamy consistency of a spread. 

The product is typically made from the lighter grades of maple syrup harvested at the start of the tapping season. Like all maple products from Quebec, it is derived from a single ingredient – maple tree sap – and so is suitable for vegans as well as those on a gluten-free diet.

Learn more about the maple production process below. 

Cooking with maple spread

Maple spread is great for smearing over French toast and naturally pairs well with pancakes, biscuits and waffles. But it’s not only sweet dishes that can benefit from maple spread; the product also works well in sauces and can be used to glaze vegetables like carrots and parsnips 

Elsewhere, maple spread can be added to oatmeal and smoothies, passing on the distinctive maple flavour but with a thicker consistency than maple syrup. It can also be used to make marzipan, add flavour to custard and mix into no-bake desserts. 

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Maple Spread

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