Where Can I Buy Maple Syrup?


Wondering where you can get your hands on pure Canadian maple syrup? You’ll be glad to hear that maple syrup is widely available in Australia! 

Below, we’ve put together an A-Z list of some of our trusted suppliers so that you know where to go to find your fix of maple magic. 

But before that, here are a few pieces of information to be aware of before buying maple syrup: 

  • Watch out for “maple-flavoured” blends – these are mixed with other ingredients, reducing the quality of the product.
  • Find the right grade – there are four different maple syrup grades, each having its own distinctive flavour. ‘Dark’ maple syrup is the one you’ll find on most supermarket shelves in Australia 
  • Explore different maple products – from maple sugar to maple flakes, there’s much more to maple than just syrup! 

Now that’s out the way, here’s where you can buy maple syrup in Australia.

Where to buy maple syrup


Buy maple syrup in-store at your local ALDI. You can also browse products below.


Purchase maple syrup for quick home delivery with Amazon below.


Buy pure maple syrup in-store or online from Coles below.

Essential Ingredient

You can purchase maple flakes and maple sugar online and in store at Essential Ingredient.

Honest to Goodness

Purchase in-store or place an order for pure maple syrup, spread or sugar online at Honest to Goodness. 


Place an order for maple syrup online at IGA or purchase in-store.

O Canada

Purchase your maple products, including speciality items like maple sugar and maple candy, with O Canada below.


Buy Canadian maple syrup in-store or online from Woolworths using the link below.

Frequently asked questions

Should you buy pure maple syrup?

When buying pure maple syrup, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality product. This is because pure maple syrup is made completely naturally without using any artificial flavours or preservatives.

Can you buy different maple syrup grades?

Different grades of maple syrup can certainly be bought online from some of our listed online suppliers. The product description should provide you with further details about which of the four grades you’re looking. The most commonly stocked grade in Australia is dark maple syrup.

Can you buy different maple products?

While maple syrup is comfortably the most popular maple product in Australia, you can find other products like maple sugar, maple spread and maple candy from some retailers. For these items, you’re probably better served by a speciality retailer like O Canada or Honest to Goodness.