Natural Source of Energy

Maple: Energy to Go

Maple as a Source of Energy

Maple products contain simple carbohydrates that turn into glucose and act as fuel during exercise, which is why they are a popular choice for athletes and fitness fanatics before, during, and after training sessions.

Sports Nutrition

Before Training

Whatever you eat before a workout, it needs to be quickly and easily digested, providing an energy boost and satisfying your hunger. Your meal or snack choices should be influenced by the amount of time you have before you exercise. Proteins, fats and fibres are an essential part of your diet. However, they are slow to digest. 

During Training

If you’re going to be pushing yourself for more than 60 minutes, it’s important to feed your muscles with carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up and avoid dehydration. This is crucial if your last meal is more than two hours before physical activity, or if the session is going to be intense.

After Training

Workout over? It’s time to recover. The ideal way to do this is with food that provides at least 30-60g of carbohydrates and 10-20g of protein. Try out our BBQ lamb and maple burgers or Asian broccoli salad with maple nut butter if you’re after a vegan option, which both provide at least 15g of protein per serve.

Pair one of these delicious mains with a carby side dish for the perfect post-training meal. Maple beef burrito bowls are the perfect recovery meal and meet both carbohydrate and protein requirements.

Discover Maple

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